Computing At The Moment ,  By Joe S.

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A brief introduction . . .

     Of course that's not me to the left but I chose that little guy as my avatar because his appearance  pretty much sums up my state of mind after a long day's work at " computering "; half cocked, a little crazed & frazzled, eyes somehow not quite right and definitely in the mood for an extended happy hour.  I've been at this for over 18 years now.  For the first twelve it was one of my favorite hobbies, then, personal circumstances dictated that I turn it into my vocational mainstay. The last six years have been an emotional roller coaster ride but I am forever thankful for the success and flexibility this work has brought me.  Without it and the help of a handful of close friends I would have been lost.

     On a personal level I consider myself devoutly religious but neither have nor desire affiliation with any Church or religious organization. Politically I lean to the right and carry the Conservative morals and ethics to match although like my religion, my politics are fiercely non - denominational.  Simply stated, I believe in the fight for what I feel is right and just, NOT necessarily what happens to be popular or politically correct. In matters of discussion I prefer a lively debate on fishing tackle effectiveness or fine dining over a divisive political or religious topic. I would sooner practice my personal religion than talk about it and I'd rather express my political opinions in the voting booth . . .

Why Me ? 
The Eternal Question

    It all started at age 9,  when I disassembled my dad's perfectly good power drill. My poor mother had never heard him use such  profanity with regard to me but in the end, I was allowed to live and the next day - presented him with the drill, once again whole and functional. Lets just say I have a knack for detail and a burning curiosity for what makes things work - the more complicated, the better !